Hailing from her homeland in Nigeria, D. Adja is an Afro pop artist and songwriter that infuses African sound & style in her dance music. D.Adja’s music career began as her given name Donna Adja singing in church at 15, which lead to pursuing singing and songwriting professionally at 22 years old. Her first break was a back-up vocalist for top Nigerian artists such as Duncan Mighty, Harry Song among others. D.Adja then took the lead in her own band and became the in-house talent for the Sheraton Lagos performing for four hours nightly. Her band performed at various local and international engagements and now she is risking it all as a solo artist.

As you know, Jungles are a little bit dangerous with intense competition & struggle for survival in which Donna overcame and used that to fuel her move to the United States in 2014. When you see D.Adja perform get ready for a wild ride. Some of D.Adja’s notable performances are from the Surface Festival in Central London, Dubai, and U.S plus some headlining concerts in Australia. As a consummate songwriter and a dynamic vocalist, D.Adja’s repertoire of skills range from singer songwriter to actress, producer, director, dancer, designer an all-around diva.

In 2013, she had 2 smash hits that rocked Nigerian airwaves called ‘Shut up’ and Gaga’. If you can imagine some of her influences are Michael Jackson, Shakira, Celine Dion & Beyonce. Donna’s own persona is fiery focused & an enigma of some sorts whose sight is firmly on raising the bar in the music industry. D.Adja deep roots in the creative arts allow her to express herself in various ways such as designing her own stage attire. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the sultry songstress D.Adja from Delta State Nigeria whose talents are ready to shine through her music